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  • May


    Casino supporters will do anything to win

    The 173-172 New Hampshire House vote against casino legalization last Wednesday, while close, should happen to be the ending of the increased gaming discussion this session. Yes, the anti-casino side won with a shot at the buzzer, but win they more
  • Apr


    Man accused of running online gambling site takes plea deal

    Larry Kyle Richardson, 62, pleaded guilty to one count of gaming tips, a Class 6 felony when the defendant "intentionally transmits or receives betting advice by phone, telegraph, radio, semaphore, or other means or intentionally installs or maintains equipment for the transmission or reception of gaming tips." more
  • Apr


    Lottery Corp Pushed Slot Gambling on Five Ferry Routes

    The British Columbia Lottery Corporation proposed introducing slot machines on as many as five BC Ferries courses, records in the Crown corporation in charge of gaming in the state more
  • Apr


    Less gambling, more clubbing in Vegas

    Whether going with tight pockets or loosely tossing around cash, visitors to Las Vegas can locate the greatest resort area for grownups. From high end stores and penthouse suites to pool parties and day clubs, they spend tens of billions of dollars in total here per year, with the younger demographic ponying up more to bash in clubs and dropping less on casino more
  • Apr


    Crimean authorities raise $1,500 mln to build gambling zone

    Bearing in mind the fact the world's largest gambling firms have already formally sworn to spend money on this job, budgetary funding will be minimal, he noted. "It's intended to create at least 10,000 new occupations. The resort is anticipated to give a large scale multiplier effect - a high workload of the whole infrastructure: the sector of services, automotive transportation and everything linked with servicing tourists," he said. "We intend to create a round-the-year resort. Demand for the gaming zone will be all-seasonal. We've received a lot of offers in the most established international brands to be a part of this more
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