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A no deposit bonus from an online casino is a great way to start off any new membership, but understanding how they work, why you can get them and how to take the best advantage of them can make all the difference. Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pertaining to no deposit bonuses that should make your new online casino adventure as exciting and rewarding as possible.
1. What is a No Deposit Bonus?
2. Why would Online Casinos Give Away Free Money?
3. Who is Eligible for a No Deposit Bonus?
4. Are No Deposit Bonuses Redeemable?
5. What are "Rollover/Wagering Requirements"?
6. Why are some Bonuses Restricted to Certain Games?
7. I Signed Up a New Player Account, why didn't I get my Bonus?
8. Why am I being asked to Scan my ID? Will my Information be Secure?
1. What is a No Deposit Bonus?
A no deposit bonus is a free sum of credits awarded by an online casino to new players when they first sign up an account. Every online casino offers a bonus of some type, but no deposit bonuses are unique because players are not asked to make a deposit to receive the free casino bonus. In most cases, the free no deposit bonus can be used to play any game the online casino offers, the same as if you had deposited your own money.
2. Why would Online Casinos Give Away Free Money?
There are two simple reasons why casinos give away free no deposit bonuses to new players. First of all, the online casino industry is massive! Competition is brutal. Promotions such as these are the most productive way to appeal to new potential members. Secondly, casinos do not lose much money by handing out trifling sums of free credits. Most no deposit bonuses are small, averaging about $10 worth of free credits. In addition, the majority of players will enjoy the excitement of playing on the casino's dime, but won't manage to meet the requirements to cash it out. Players that do manage to cash it out are significantly more likely to become loyal members of the casino. Thus, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved.
3. Who is Eligible for a No Deposit Bonus?
Online casinos have plenty of fine print regarding who can and cannot take advantage of their no deposit bonus offers. Some casinos will restrict certain countries for whatever reason they see fit. An online casino may deem residents of Poland, for example, ineligible for no deposit bonuses. This is usually due to consistently overt bonus abuse from the residents of the country in question.
Obviously, a player must meet the age qualifications to claim a no deposit bonus and play for real money. Only one player per household, address and IP number may claim a single bonus. Multi-accounting (holding more than one account in an attempt to claim the same bonus) is also strictly forbidden. The most important thing is to read the terms of a bonus in full before signing up a new player account.
4. Are No Deposit Bonuses Redeemable?
There are a few instances in which an online casino may actually state a no deposit bonus is not redeemable, but if this is the case it should be clearly states early on in the bonus terms. However, the majority of no deposit bonuses are fully redeemable, assuming the player is able to meet the requirements for redemption. Online casinos do not make it easy to redeem the free bonus money, for obvious reasons, but with a little strategy and luck, it can be done!
In cases where a no deposit bonus is never eligible for redemption, it does not mean that a player cannot profit from the bonus. It just means that the original amount of the bonus may never be withdrawn. The profits you may incur from wagering the bonus are still cashable once the wagering requirements are met. Again, make sure you fully understand the terms of the bonus and the requirements that must be met to cash it out.
5. What are "Rollover/Wagering Requirements"?
The rollover, or wagering requirements affixed to a no deposit bonus refer to the amount of times a player must play through the amount of the bonus in order to become eligible for cashing out your winnings. For example, a bonus of $10 may require 45x play through. Simple math tells us that $10x45=$250, thus the player must wager $450 before any winnings can be redeemed.
6. Why are some Bonuses Restricted to Certain Games?
In some cases, a no deposit bonus will only be useful on specific casino games. For example, you may receive a $10 no deposit bonus for "Slots Play Only", in which case all slots are eligible for play, but no other games (Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, etc.) Playing these games can result in instant forfeiture of the no deposit bonus, so pay attention to the rules before you get started.
A lot of casinos will restrict play on games where double-sided betting can be achieved. For example, Roulette and Baccarat are often restricted because a player could bet on Black and Red in Roulette, or Player and Banker in Baccarat, thereby rolling over the bonus with a very minimal risk of losing. This is what casinos are talking about when they use the term "bonus abuse". It could not only get your bonus revoked, some casino will permanently ban a player's account for this behavior.
7. I Signed Up a New Player Account, why didn't I get my Bonus?
There could be any number of reasons why you did not receive your no deposit bonus upon sign up. The fastest way to find out is to either contact customer support (via live chat preferably), or read over the terms and conditions of the bonus. Chances are you missed a stipulation that restricted you from receiving the bonus. Maybe you or someone who lives in your home/uses the same computer has previously claimed the same bonus.
It could be that you forgot to enter the bonus code, or entered it incorrectly. Bonus codes are often case sensitive. If you read the instructions provided by our website to redeem any no deposit bonus we provide, and read the terms of the bonus on the casino operator's website, you will surely find the problem.
Furthermore, it is common for a player's bonus to be declined if that player has already claimed a similar bonus from a sister-site casino. For example, if Casino-A and Casino-B are owned by the same head company, running on the same software, and both offer the same no deposit bonus, you will only be able to claim this bonus and one of the casinos, not both.
8. Why am I being asked to Scan my ID? Will my Information be Secure?
If you walk into a brick-and-mortar casino, and aren't an apparent member of the geriatric community, you will be ID'd before you get onto the casino floor. The same goes for online casinos, except that there is no way to guess your age, thus everyone must be ID'd. This process is for the protection of the operator as well as the player. Underage gambling is strictly forbidden and rigorously thwarted by requiring absolute proof of your identity and age and residence. This practice also prevents multi-accounting bonus abuse.
As to the safety of scanning and sending sensitive documents, it is imperative that you only sign up with respected gaming sites with a track record for security and respectable operations. If you find a casino offering an outlandishly high no deposit bonus, they may just be phishing for your information. Be smart, avoid these potentially rogue operators and you won't become a victim of fraud.
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